Being visible in the school and community contributes to the success of our coalition, and we love getting new information from all of the national campaigns that allow our small school to participate in larger events that support our mission of Healthy Kids, Healthy Choices. 




Crescent Connect

For the fourth year in a row, we attended the Washington State Prevention Summit in November 2019 and learned all sorts of new skills related to utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework to create and evaluate our project impact. In our following Prevention Club meetings, our students identified a need to increase individual student connections with one another, offline and with genuine interactions. We watched the Johann Hari TEDtalk about addiction and connection, and brainstormed ways to help students connect with one another.  They wrote up their problem statements, their ideas, and then looked at projects that we are currently doing and how they could reach more students. Cookies and cocoa is one of our most popular events, getting students and community members together to bake cookies that are than served to our middle and high school students. This year our prevention club elected to expand this event, and we reached out to the music teacher so that our students could serve their cookies at the Elementary Winter concert, for students, families and the community. Stay tuned for more information on this project as it unfolds. 

Interested in Volunteering? 

Since 2016, our coalition has sponsored

and co-sponsored several events, activities,

and projects for the youth and families in the

Crescent and Joyce communities. All of these 

occasions are made possible through

collaboration with the school district, parents,

and our prevention club, and most importantly,

through assistance from our community volunteers.

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