Crescent United Coalition

Drug and Alcohol Prevention in the Crescent School District, Joyce WA

You can make a difference.

The work the coalition does with education and prevention is vital to our community. Join us at our  meeting on October 24th from 5:30-6:30pm in the Crescent library. 


CPWI Community Wellness Survey: this is an annual survey that our coalition is required to conduct in order to assess our community. The questions are about perceptions of concerns in the community, and understanding of risk as it relates to our students and drug or alcohol abuse. Please follow this link to the online version, and answer the brief 5-8 minute survey. IF you would prefer to complete a paper copy, please contact Tuesday Mattix at (360) 928-3311 x 1007. 



What can we do for you?

What would you be interested in seeing in our community, or from our coalition? Our mission is to unite community, students and families through positive pro-social activities and education-do you have ideas of how we can foster our mission while also inspiring our community to excellence? 


Get involved with the Crescent United Coalition today. {here}

Joyce Area Substance Abuse Prevention