Crescent United Coalition

Drug and Alcohol Prevention in the Crescent School District, Joyce WA

You can make a difference.

The work the coalition does with education and prevention is vital to our community, and you are welcome to join us! Next meeting will be on January 23rd, 2020, and our newly appointed board members will be introduced as well as begin rolling out plans for the new year. As always, 5:30pm in the Crescent School library! 


Middle School Dance: Friday January 24th, 6-8pm, 2$;  6th, 7th, 8th grade only! 

During our most recent Prevention Club meeting our students worked on planning the dance and making our posters, if you would like more information or are available to decorate or chaperone, please contact Melissa Thetford at (360) 928-3311, x1033. The coalition has been sponsoring the middle school dance for three years now, this is the only Middle School specific event on campus each year. We will have music by DJ Amy Hales, plus pizza and cake and games to bring this positive pro-social activity to life! 



What can we do for you?

What would you be interested in seeing in our community, or from our coalition? Our mission is to unite community, students and families through positive pro-social activities and education-do you have ideas of how we can foster our mission while also inspiring our community to excellence? 


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Joyce Area Substance Abuse Prevention